Welcome to Jumping jack

Welcome to Jumping Jack

An Introduction to Jumping Jack:

We are so excited to have you here at Jumping Jack!

Now you can simplify the way you shop, saving time and money for the things that matter.

Jumping Jack gives you access to buying and selling great quality pre-loved clothing.

Our online marketplace was founded on the concept that babies and kids grow, but clothes do not!

Through personal experience, we found that the amount of clothing children consume is extraordinary. The majority of this clothing is outgrown whilst still in excellent condition.

Jumping Jack was created to find a simple solution to make it easier to families to connect and exchange outgrown clothing and ensure that these items don’t end up as waste.

Through our blog we’ll connect you to ideas, information and inspiration! Stay tuned for regular updates on topics such as sustainability, family & parenting and kids fashion & trends. We’ll also provide updates on new features that we add to our site to improve our service to you.

Buy and Sell Pre-loved Clothes Online:

Through our online marketplace, it’s easy for you to buy and sell baby, kids’, and maternity clothes to other families in Australia.

This simple and affordable system enables a return on your investment when purchasing good quality, sustainable brands. We also provide you with the opportunity to purchase great clothing at reduced prices- how good is that?!

At Jumping Jack, we deeply care about making the world a better place for the next generation. We will empower you to reduce the impact of unnecessary clothing waste by making it easier to buy and sell outgrown clothing items. Our easy to use marketplace will also support you to purchase better quality clothing that will last longer and reduce the global impact of fast fashion.

Want to know more? Find out more about us here.

Donate to charity:

Jumping Jack is extremely proud to also partner with some really important and wonderful charities to up the feel-good factor and donate to a cause when selling your items.

Current Jumping Jack Charity Partners include:

  • Variety – The Children’s Charity, Victoria
  • The Global Women’s Project

We care about supporting kids, women and families, which is why we are so passionate about our incredible charity partners. Through electing to donate to a charity partner, you will provide life-changing support where it is needed most.

There has never been a better time to clean out your closet for cash, knowing you can create sustainable and positive change with each and every sale.

Thanks for visiting and happy selling/shopping!