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An Update on COVID-19

It’s safe to say that this year has definitely not gone as well as we all hoped it would! 

Thank you for your support of our much-loved, family-run business during these uncertain and unusual times. 

The safety of the Jumping Jack community is our top priority. We’ve outlined some details below on how we’re protecting our marketplace and what you can expect during this time for your information.

It is our greatest hope that we can support one another and get through this together. We are doing our best to figure out this strange and ever-changing world with all of you!

The good news is that our online store is OPEN and operating as normal! This means that you can continue to buy & sell your baby & kids’ goodies with confidence from the comfort of your homes!

In case you were wondering, we also wanted to highlight a few things on buying & selling secondhand clothing, and how we can work together to ensure we all stay safe.


Safely Buying & Selling Secondhand Clothes:

  • Firstly, feel confident knowing that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted from soft surfaces like fabric to humans. Phew, that’s a relief!
  • We ask that all sellers ensure to wash clothing, and to be extra vigilant with hand washing and sanitising when packaging items for sale – we don’t want any hitchhikers!!
  • After receiving your order, we also recommend that you wash your items prior to use, using the warmest setting appropriate. 
  • Harder surfaces like books and toys should be wiped down with disinfectants as a precaution.
  • You are no longer required to sign for Australia Post packages.These can be left at your door. It is also understood that the virus cannot survive on packaging through the transit process, however it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after handling the packaging. Hooray – you can still get your shopping fix from your couch!
  • All orders can be delivered through Australia Post, however if you choose to purchase through local pickup, we ask that you adhere to the social distancing requirements and sanitise before and after collecting the items. If you are unwell or may have been in contact with somebody who is unwell, please refrain from doing local pickup.

You may have also seen that Jumping Jack has recently started our new, done-for-you service, the Clean Out Bag! Yes, it is AMAZING and so Easy!!

For all purchases from the Jumping Jack Cleanout Collection, feel confident knowing that we sanitise all clothing through steaming the garments at an extremely high heat and will also sanitise all packaging when shipping your items.


How We Can Help:

If you are looking for something to do – and some extra cash – whilst at home, why not do a closet cleanout and send your items to Jumping Jack! You can choose to sell using the Clean Out Bag, or get busy selling your own it’s nice to have options!

There has never been a better reason to come together online. We are so grateful that we can continue to connect with our beautiful community, which is important now more than ever! 

If you have any questions or want to reach out, please contact us and we will do our best to help! 

It would be great to hear what we can do to help you through these uncertain times. What do you need help with? Ways to entertain the kiddies? Shopping specials? Selling tips? Eco inspiration?

Please share any ideas below! ?

Stay safe and well and thank you for being a part of the Jumping Jack family!