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Sustainability Stress – and what you can do about it…

Our tips for dealing with eco anxiety for you and your family.


When you think about the climate crisis, do you feel a murmur (or even a roar) of worry? We certainly do. Despite literally creating our business as a way to help, it sometimes feels like we should be doing more. Eco anxiety is unfortunately part of our world, and that is why we have put some thoughts together to hopefully help you and your family navigate our changing environment.


Eco anxiety is real

You’re not alone – climate anxiety (also known as eco anxiety) is a real thing; defined by EcoAmerica as ‘a chronic fear of environmental doom.’ It can be mild or crippling but it’s something we need to be conscious of, particularly as our children become more conscious of the extent of the environmental issues they will face over their lifetimes.

Simple steps you can take to deal with eco anxiety

So, what can you do? We thought we’d share some simple steps you and your children can take to cut down on the eco anxiety you’re feeling. 

(Just a note from us though – these are just ideas for low levels of eco anxiety. If you are feeling really anxious often, about climate change or anything, consider seeking professional help. Looking after your mental health is so important, even more so after the last couple of years!).

Allow yourself space to feel the worry (and let it go)

Talk about how you’re feeling – and listen to others as they share how they feel. Allow the feelings to come into the light. It can be cathartic and it can bring important conversations to the surface. But don’t get stuck in those feelings – explore then and move through them. This is also good modelling for kids to show that you don’t need to stay with a feeling in order to get past it.

Decide what your approach is and work towards it

Is it working towards zero waste? Or participating in the circular economy? Making sure the products you use are as green as possible? Once you have a goal, you can gradually work towards achieving it, like replacing cleaning items as you run out. The sense of achievement can often help soften feelings of environmental hopelessness. 

Join in with your community

Joining up with people who share your concerns can be cathartic – it can reduce feelings of overwhelm! Whether it’s Clean Up Australia day, attending climate protests, helping out at a local Op Shop, joining local sustainability groups or national (or even global) environmental and advocacy groups. Find your people and join in!

Donate to empower others working toward change

Having enough money to donate to charity is a privilege, but if you can, this can be a good and ongoing way to support causes working on practical ways to protect the environment and save the planet. It could be WWF, the Nature Conservatory, Australian Conservation Foundation or something more local but a regular donation, even a very small one, can have a huge impact.

And as always, we are here for you when it comes to updating your family wardrobes with sustainable fashion through our ever-changing collection of preloved baby, kids and maternity clothing.

There are lots of things you can do but if you are feeling climate anxiety or stress, please look after yourself – you can’t pour from an empty bucket.