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At Jumping Jack, We Believe in Helping Little Clothes Live Long Lives … so the Planet Does Too!

Babies and kids are small, but they outgrow their clothes soooo fast (up to 7 sizes by their second birthday, in fact)!

That’s a lot of clothes being outgrown that are still in great condition.

Choosing second-hand helps to reduce the cost of fashion and keep our earth beautiful ?

We Are on a Mission!

We believe in creating a better world for our kids.

After learning about the impact of fast fashion on the environment (whilst also experiencing the rate that kids outgrow their clothes), founder, Sarah, started Jumping Jack for everyday families to support the circular economy by making it simple to buy & sell pre loved clothes.

Did you know that Australians are the 2nd largest consumer of textiles in the world?! In fact, every 10 minutes, we are discarding 6 tonnes of clothing to landfill.  Resale extends the life of a garment by 2 yrs, and therefore significantly reduces its carbon footprint.

Avoiding waste is something that every parent can value, particularly when we think about the legacy we wish to leave behind for our kids.

By extending the life of your clothes, you can reduce unnecessary textile waste and keep millions of items out of landfill!

We care about making sustainable and affordable fashion available to all Australians and in doing so, having a positive impact on the world!

Reduce, Reuse, Relove & Recycle With Us!

Shop Our Sustainable Collection

Sell Your Outgrown Clothes

Recycle Your Unusable Items

Environmental Impact

By choosing secondhand, you are making one of the most sustainable choices available when shopping for your little ones.

You are helping to prevent these clothes ending up as waste and hurting our environment.

Secondhand shopping reduces the huge amount of resources required to manufacture new items and cuts the dependency on poorly made fast fashion items.

Everything we do is aimed at making a positive impact on the planet, so you can feel good knowing items purchased directly from Jumping Jack will be delivered in recycled and compostable packaging via carbon neutral shipping services.

We have partnered with textile recycling company, Upparel, to resell some of the quality clothing they receive in their warehouse on Jumping Jack. We also send any clothes not fit for wear to Upparel for textile recycling so they can be turned into something wonderful.

Social Impact

We care about making the world a better place. That’s why we are proud to offer access to sustainable secondhand fashion for families anywhere in Australia.

We have partnered with some amazing charities to help create sustainable social change just by selling your outgrown clothes.

You can choose to donate the profits of some or all of your sales to one of our charity partners; The Global Women’s Project, or Variety, The Children’s Charity- Victoria.

We also donate any clothes received as part of our clean out bag service that do not meet our condition requirements. These items go to families in need through a local charity supporting new mums and families.

Our Partners