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Simple ways to go green(er)

Easy ideas that you can start today!


Being green is not all keep cups and stainless steel lunch boxes; is also a mindset; an internal commitment to do less harm. It’s not always big, or dramatic, or expensive; sometimes it’s smaller steps that will get you there.

And we’ve got some simple ways to start at home – you’d be surprised at what some new habits, little swaps and some good googling can do!


Our top tips to go green(er) in your home:


1. Don’t be a Wally with water

Some of us will be old enough to remember that campaign (ok, it’s me, I am) but the point was a good one. Treat your water like it’s running out – short showers, shallow baths, use the eco settings on your washing machine, place a tub in your sink to catch any water you’re not using and use it to water your plants!


2. Rug up a little more this winter

Winter is here but the thermostat doesn’t have to go right up – could you be smarter with how you heat your home? Turn your heater off an hour before bed, turn off the vents in the rooms that don’t need to be heated or drop the thermostat a couple of degrees?

There is nothing cozier than a nice rug over your knees with a cuppa (yes, I may as well be a nanna but I stand by this simple pleasure!). Small tweaks can have a big impact!


3. Waste not…

The greenest thing to use is the things you already have!

Wear your clothes until they wear out and when they do, mend them (feel free to outsource the mending if time is tighter than money) and wear, wear, wear!

This is also a financially smart move – more wears, more value! And if the item no longer suits you, sell, gift, move it on to the next person who will love it.

We know wearing out babies and kids clothes is not always possible; they can often outgrow their clothes before they are worn out – but that’s where we can help by giving them a new life through selling them to another family!


4. When it’s time to replace, go green

When something you own does wear out, before rushing to replace it with the same old thing – do your research for the most sustainable option to replace it.

Consider what it’s made from, how energy efficient it is, if it’s recyclable, how long it will last. Who is selling it – are they local? Responsible? Do they have a sustainability policy? There’s a heap of information out there – do some digging!

Small things times a million, or 20 million, are big things; don’t undervalue the sustainable things you do.

Looking for some new clothes for yourself or your family? Before you buy, check out the ‘shop’ section of our website for some sustainable preloved baby, kids & maternity clothes from all your favourite brands!

What green swaps have you made in your home?

Share your tips with us below!