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Practical Parenting Series: How to host the perfect eco party!

8 Simple Steps to the Perfect Eco Party – with Juliana from Partyora!

Every year, us parents are whipped into a frenzy over planning the perfect parties for our little ones. 

This exhausting undertaking often leaves us out of pocket and with mountains of rubbish left over that we have to try and stuff into the bin over the next couple of weeks.

I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy throwing out all that stuff I have just purchased – it is such a waste!

So, with that in mind, for our next Practical Parenting Series guest, I have asked eco-party champion Juliana from Partyora to help us with some super simple ways that we can plan a party – the eco way! 


A bit of background about Juliana:

Juliana is a Mum to four little boys from Sydney and is passionate about creating super fun and sustainable parties!

Juliana’s passion for sustainable parties came about after her experience of celebrations for her growing family. Juliana found that planning a party was often rushed and at times overwhelming. This would result in her looking for the quickest, cheapest and most convenient products available – we’ve all been there, right?!

Juliana realised that the items used to decorate her little one’s parties were made from toxic ingredients, sourced from overseas and worst of all thrown in the bin within a couple of hours! The overflowing bin after each celebration left her feeling guilty and convinced that there had to be a better way!

So, in January 2020, Juliana launched Partyora! It is the one stop shop to find everything you’ll ever need to plan the best party!

Juliana has carefully picked out sustainable and reusable options, with a commitment to providing eco-friendly (and fun) items right down to the packaging. 

Juliana truly believes that planning a party to celebrate your most cherished little humans should feel fun, exciting and guilt free – sounds great, doesn’t it?! 

Now, over to Juliana for her super simple (and helpful) steps on how to host the perfect eco party:


1. Set a Budget

Setting a budget will help you to purchase only what you need and save time, money and reduce the amount of excess and unnecessary waste.

Use what you can from home in terms of serving ware and decorations, kids toys make for amazing table decorations and centrepieces and sometimes you just need to think outside the box and DIY if you’re keen on getting crafty!

You can also use our budget checklist in our DIY party planning service!


2. Select your Party Time 

Have a think about what time suits you and your family, but also what that might mean for planning. For example, at lunchtime parties, guests will usually expect lunch.

With that in mind, if you can do an earlier party, this can work well for younger kids to avoid overwhelm. 

For an afternoon party, you can get away with serving light finger food and save some money while you’re at it! 

Night-time parties can be fun for disco themes, laser tag parties, or popular slumber parties with teepee tents – how fun!


3. Outsource Tasks to Family and Friends 

After creating your guest list, pick your date and venue. Then you can ask friends and family if they are available to give a hand and start delegating! 

Have an aunty who can bake? Ask her to make the cake and provide her with the ingredients and decorative items she needs!

Got a super creative sister? Ask if she will help create some decorations for the day! 

They will be so happy to be included and the big win is that you’ll have less to do and can get a chance to enjoy the special occasion too.


4. Choose a Theme 

Ask your child if they have any ideas about the party they want. Their favourite colours or a simple colour theme works well for all ages. 

Sometimes they have a clear idea of what they want and this is a great way of getting them involved in the party planning process. 

If they’re too little to tell you, try using a favourite book you might read at night as inspiration for a party theme. You can have things custom made to suit if you stick to a theme, it just makes the whole process easier – yay!  

Having a set theme will help you to know what items to source to create a cohesive theme that will be memorable for your child. Also, you’ll also be able to avoid buying unnecessary items.

There is a great range of themes with gorgeous eco party items available at Partyora if you are keen to get started!


5. Invitations

A great waste free (and easy option) for invitations is to create a Facebook event as a ‘save the date’ or in place of an invite. You can then easily tick off RSVPs as they come in. 

Invites truly set the tone for the party and consider making your own or ordering printables online, we have some invitations which you can print on recycled paper.

There is also a seed card variety which you can plant after purchasing too! 

Alternatively, you can purchase them and have them personalised as you normally would, and send them out digitally which is a very sustainable and waste saving option.


6. Mini cakes

Mini cakes have been all the rage at the moment for small iso birthday parties. I personally adore them and think they are the perfect way to have a gorgeous birthday cake to blow out some eco-friendly candles on! Plus, they still look amazing on a cake table alongside other desserts without all the excess waste! Why not take away the hassle of the birthday cake and keep it small this year??


cake pops


7. Food

If you can outsource the food, it can be a great way to save time, stress and excess waste!

Grazing companies offer a setup and pack down service and will advise you on the right amount of food. Also, they’ll make it look so good, there won’t be any leftovers – no more Tupperware overload after the party!

If you want to DIY, stick to the favourites and you can’t go wrong. Things like mini sandwich platters, fresh fruit, chips and dip and party snacks are always popular. 

Buy food in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic waste and offer guests any leftovers as they leave.

Lastly, label bins for guests with food waste, compostables, recyclables and general rubbish to make it really easy for your guests and yourself once the party is over! 


8. Plastic-Free Favours, (some even done-for-you)…

One of the most wasteful things about a child’s birthday party is the little lolly bag with cheap plastic toys that break easily and are likely to end up in the bin. 

If your child could go home with a favour that was useful, they would play with it longer and find it much more enjoyable. It’s no secret, kids love gifts and favours, but sustainable party favours will last longer in their memories and in general! 

There is a great assortment of party favours at Partyora. You can find personalised favours, themed favours and party bags to fill, including:

  • personalised natural play dough favours 
  • prefilled organic lolly favours 
  • prefilled plaster favours with paints and wooden brushes
  • party favour kits (make your own bath bomb, seed kits, 
  • Fabric reusable favour bags + more!

You can find them all here!

Now that you’ve got all the tools you need to host the perfect eco party for your little one, you can shop for the perfect eco party outfit! Out beautiful range of preloved baby & kids’ clothes can be found here.

We hope that these tips help you to plan your next party sustainably!

Now you are all set to host the perfect eco party (without the hassle)! Thanks for those awesome tips Juliana!

We hope you enjoyed these great ideas, if you would like more help creating the perfect Eco-friendly party, feel free to email Juliana who is more than happy to help you with your party planning needs for your next party at: hello@partyora.com

If you would like to join Juliana’s Facebook group for free party ideas and DIY info, you can find it here.

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