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Environmental Impact

By choosing secondhand, you are making one of the most sustainable choices available for shopping for your little ones.

You are helping to prevent these clothes ending up as waste and hurting our environment.

Secondhand reduces the huge amount of resources required to manufacture new items.

You can also reduce the dependency on poorly made fast fashion items.

Social Impact

We care about making the world a better place. That’s why we are working with some amazing charities to help create sustainable social change.

You can choose to donate the profits of some or all of your sales to one of our charity partners; The Global Womens Project, or Variety, The Childrens Charity- Victoria.

We also donate any clothes received as part of our clean out bag service that do not meet our condition requirements. These items go to families in need through a local charity supporting new mums and families.

Why Secondhand Is Sooooo Good…

You are familiar with the problem. Your child is not even 6 months old, and they have already outgrown at least 3 clothing sizes. Furthermore, they will outgrow 7 to 8 sizes by their second birthday. Parents are buying countless volumes of clothing for their children that are often used a few times before being outgrown.


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Australians are the world’s second largest consumer of textiles in the world, with an average annual consumption of 27 kg per person.  Every 10 minutes, we are discarding 6 tonnes of clothing items to landfills.  On average, resale extends the life of a garment by 2.2 years, potentially reducing the carbon footprint of an item by up to 73 percent. Thus highlighting the benefits of circular fashion in creating a greener future.


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Avoiding waste is something that every parent can value, particularly when we think about the legacy we wish to leave behind for the next generation.  Jumping Jack supports the circular economy through connecting families across Australia to buy and sell pre-loved clothes. Through our online shop, you can easily list, browse and purchase products in the comfort of your home.



Through extending the life of your clothes, you can reduce unnecessary textile waste and keep millions of items out of landfill. Jumping Jack enables you to purchase good quality clothing at more affordable prices, and therefore create a sustainable future for your children.