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Welcome to www.jumpingjack.com.au (the ‘Site’). The Site is owned and operated by Jumping Jack (ABN 88 995 625 337) (‘Jumping Jack’). Thank you for using Jumping Jack services.

The Site provides a marketplace for customers (‘Buyers’) and sellers (‘Sellers’) looking for a sustainable way to buy and sell great quality, gently-used baby, kids’ and maternity clothes, and accessories (‘Order’) by giving you access to a shopping cart (the ‘Purchase Services’).

As part of the Purchase Services, Jumping Jack also welcomes consignors who send us clothing wear to sell for profit or for charity (‘Consignors’). Jumping Jack will list the consigned products (‘Consigned Products’) on the Site and sell on behalf of the Consignor. 

Your access to and use of our Site for the purchase, selling, and consignment of goods through the Purchase Services or any associated products and services is governed by our Site Terms and this Return and Refund Policy. For more information, please see our Site Terms.

We expect customers on the Site to take an active, honest and responsible approach to transactions and their interactions with each other on the Jumping Jack marketplace. 

To avoid issues with a sale and the obligation to issue a refund for your sale, we recommend that Sellers be as descriptive as possible and give a full disclosure of their item when creating a listing. Buyers are responsible for thoroughly reviewing the Seller’s listing photos, description and item condition, and for asking the Seller questions when they are uncertain about any aspect of the listing prior to making a purchase. 

Jumping Jack is committed to working with both Buyers and Sellers to ensure fair and equitable outcomes should any disputes arise.

All sales of outlet stock are final, unless faulty.


Australian Consumer Law

Consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law apply to both new products and second-hand products. Under the Australian Consumer Law, Sellers must guarantee that second-hand goods are of an acceptable quality so that they are free from defects, acceptable in quality and are fit for the purpose described. 

In all cases, Seller agrees that it is entirely responsible and liable for conducting sales, returns and refunds in accordance with the provisions of and supplier obligations under the Australian Consumer Law for issuing refunds and replacements. Seller is responsible for minor and serious defects or otherwise for supplying items that do not match the description advertised on the listing for the sale. 

As a Seller, you agree that when you list a product for sale that you alert the buyer explicitly to any defects before the time of sale. Sellers agree to list products that match their description, are fit for the purpose advertised and give full disclosure to Buyers of any defects. 


Jumping Jack’s Return & Refund Policy for Items:

All sales are final on Jumping Jack except as required by law. Buyers and Sellers are protected in the scenarios set out below. 

Refunds may be issued in the following two cases:


(a) The Order is not received

Buyer may be entitled to a refund if their order (‘Order’) was not shipped within the given timeframe or if it did not arrive at its destination, but a refund must be requested from the Seller within 30 days from date of purchase. If a Seller does not ship an Order or provide tracking information, a buyer is given the option to request a refund after 15 days (on day 16 from the date of sale) by contacting Jumping Jack via the contact us form and raising a request for refund. If the tracking number shows the Order was shipped, but did not arrive at its destination, the Seller is responsible for and agrees to issuing a refund to the Buyer and communicating any issues with the post office or courier. When the tracking number for the Order shows that the Order arrived at its destination, the buyer is responsible for contacting their post office or courier and filing a police report (if theft is suspected) or other report as appropriate in the circumstances. Refunds requested after 30 days cannot be processed unless arranged directly between the Seller and the Buyer. Jumping Jack will consider all evidence provided by both the Buyer and Seller when considering the request for refund, and has the discretion to make the decision based on the evidence provided. In all cases, Seller is responsible for refunds in accordance with its obligations under the Australian Consumer Law. 

Jumping Jack fees will not be reimbursed to the Seller.


(b) The Order is significantly not as described

If the Buyer receives an item that does not match the listing description or is sent the wrong item, the Buyer first contact the Seller so that the Seller is given the opportunity to resolve the situation. The Buyer must reach out to the Seller via the messaging system in the ‘My Account’ section on the Jumping Jack Site within 5 days of delivery. If the Seller is not able to provide an acceptable resolution, the Seller agrees that the Buyer can Reach out to Jumping Jack Support to open a Refund Claim. Items that have been modified or excessively handled will not be accepted as a return. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted for items that have been used, modified or damaged or used in a manner or purpose for which the item was not intended. Refunds will not be issued for items that are altered in any way, which includes being laundered or stain treated. Refunds requested after 30 days cannot be processed by Jumping Jack. In all cases, Seller is responsible for refunds in accordance with its obligations under the Australian Consumer Law. 

When opening a Refund Claim, Seller must include photos and provide comprehensive details and any other information that Jumping Jack requests on the issue. If Jumping Jack determines that the item is “significantly not as described” and that the Buyer should receive a refund, Jumping Jack will contact the Seller, issue the refund, and arrange for the Seller to refund the payment. If a refund is issued, and the Seller would like the item(s) returned, the Seller agrees to and will be responsible for paying the return shipping fee. The Buyer will need to ship the item back within 5 days of receiving the return address after which time the Refund Claim will be closed. 

If a Buyer receives an item under an Order that fits the original listing description, but is otherwise not satisfied with the purchase, we encourage the Buyer to reach out to the Seller. In this case, a refund may be issued by the Seller at the Seller’s discretion but is not required to do so. This also includes sizing issues because sizing varies between brands, within brands/certain lines and items, as also if the item has been washed and dried. If a Buyer is unsure of how a brand fits, we recommend getting measurements from the Seller. 

There are no returns and refunds for ‘buyers’ remorse’ or if you have changed your mind. 

Jumping Jack is unable to process refunds for items delivered by local pickup. A refund may be issued by the Seller at the Seller’s discretion, but Seller is not required to do so unless Seller is required to do so under the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law.


Returns and Seller Fees

In all return instances where the Seller is responsible for funding the return amount, Jumping Jack will, if necessary, facilitate arrangements for the Seller to pay the refund amount but is not obligated to do so. 

If the Seller has requested Jumping Jack to donate the profits of the sale to a charity partner, the Seller may be required to pay the refund at their expense as donations cannot not be recovered. The Seller will still be entitled to receive a charity tax invoice for all donation amounts over AU$2.00.

In all cases, the fees of Jumping Jack will not be reimbursed to the Seller. 


Consignment Products (Items purchased direct from Jumping Jack):

This section applies to sales of goods by consignment on the Site where Jumping Jack sells Consigned Products on behalf of the Consignor. 

Consignors are subject to the same guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law which include that Consigned Products are of an acceptable quality and matching description. Second-hand products are also covered. 

Consignor agrees that Jumping Jack has the right to make decisions on the validity of a return and refund and agrees that through selling their items on Consignment with Jumping Jack that they accept responsibility for all returns and refunds for their Products. 

Consignor acknowledges that if a Consigned Product is defective upon receipt by a Buyer, not match the description or is not fit for its purpose, that Jumping Jack will facilitate on Consignor’s behalf a full refund for the Consigned Product. For any returns, Jumping Jack and Consignor may agree upon terms for relisting the sale of the Consigned Product in appropriate circumstances. 

In addition to any other rights the Buyer has as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law, Jumping Jack will permit an item listed by and bought directly through Jumping Jack to be returned to us if we are responsible for delivering the item to you and the item was delivered to you in a damaged state due to the transit process.

If you wish to return an item, we encourage you to reach out to Jumping Jack by completing the ‘Contact Us’ form within 30 days of the date of the sale. You should provide full details of your purchase and the reason for returning the item including any defects. We will endeavour to email you a returns advice form (which will state the address to which the item must be sent), and, to assist with processing the return, please include the returns advice form with the returned item.

Items should be returned in their original packaging where possible together with the reason for the return so that we and the Consignor can assess the legitimacy of the problem or defect. Returns will only be considered for defective Consigned Products in original condition. Products that have been modified or excessively handled will not be accepted as a return. No refund, replacement or repairs will be allowed for Consigned Products that have been used, modified or damaged or used in a manner or purpose for which the Consigned Product was not intended.

 In all cases, the fees of Jumping Jack will not be reimbursed to the  Consignor. 


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Return & Refund Policy last updated 4 February 2020.