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Hospital birth packing list for a new bub

The eco friendly way…


You’re having a baby – congratulations! There is so much to prepare for, including one of the most exciting and (and sometimes confusing) things on the to-do list – preparing your hospital bag. The good news is that we have put together our favourite must-have items in our hospital birth packing list to help!


Our babies are the whole reason we started Jumping Jack – we realised how quickly they grow out of clothes and that we wanted to give the things we bought more than one life (or even one wear!).


It starts early, too; getting ready for a new baby results in a sharp increase in… stuff. Furniture, clothes, infrastructure… stuff everywhere! It can be so hard to get to know this whole new industry – and it starts with the hospital bag. 


We wanted to share what we found we needed, and some of the eco options we wish we’d known about, when packing our hospital bag. Don’t believe all the glossy marketing – not everything for baby has to be a ‘baby item’ – you can use a normal bag and babies can’t tell the difference between a bath towel and a baby bath towel…!


Our hospital birth packing list for a new baby:

Here is our favourite must-have items to pack for your hospital bag for the arrival of your new baby…


What items to pack for your baby:

  • Newborn nappies and wipes (we love Eco Originals or Hippybottoms for reusable nappies)
  • Nappy cream (we love Bondi Wash Baby Balm – all natural ingredients!)
  • Muslin wraps or swaddle wraps & muslins (we love second hand or Nature Baby
  • Clothes: singlets, bodysuits, onesie/s (check out our newborn baby items)
  • Hats and socks (check out the newborn hats on our website)
  • A towel (just a normal bath towel from home will be fine!)
  • Baby blanket (we love Bundl)
  • A burp cloth – use the hospital’s!


What items to pack for mum:

  • Enough pyjamas! One more pair than what you think you’ll need
  • Soft shoes or slippers you can slip on (hospital floors!)
  • A cardigan or dressing gown (think easy for all the clothing)
  • Comfortable clothes to go home in (don’t forget to check our maternity/ nursing range)
  • Underpants (we love full briefs – particularly important for c-section mums!)
  • Maternity pads (we love TOM organic maternity pads)
  • Toiletries – check out Natural Supply Co’s amazing range of sustainable toiletries
  • Moisturiser (we love Botanicals by Luxe Rosewater + Hyaluronic Moisturising Cream)
  • Body wash (we love Ethique Unscented solid cream body cleanser)
  • Phone charger – basic but true!
  • Oh, and don’t forget that snacks!


There are lots of lists out there – this is just our idea of what you might need!

The fun bit about becoming a mum is not knowing what comes next… but that might just be hindsight being 20:20.

We hope that our hospital birth packing list for a new bub comes in handy! Are there any other items that you added? Please share to help out all the mums-to-be!