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Tips on Providing Great Customer Service +


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Customer feedback and seller ratings measure how satisfied your customers are with their shopping experience.  Providing great customer service will assist you to improve your service and attract new buyers into the future.


Here are some tips on how to ensure you create a great experience for your customers:

  • Ensure your product listings are accurate and detailed
  • Keep your listings up to date if there are any changes
  • Post your items ASAP once you receive payment for the sale
  • Ensure the items you post are clean and packaged nicely
  • Monitor the feedback from your customers


Seller Protection +

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At Jumping Jack, we pride ourselves on connecting a community of parents and families to buy and sell great quality products.


We care deeply about all our customers, and for this reason, we hold our sellers accountable for complying with our high product quality and service standards. To ensure a safe and happy environment for you to sell your products, we also have policies in place for our sellers.


In the event that something does go wrong, you can feel confident knowing that Jumping Jack seller support is available to help you. We can provide additional support for the following, should you need some further assistance:


Dispute Mediation: Jumping Jack will provide assistance with disputes if the buyer feels that the items are not as described, and you are not able to agree upon a solution with the buyer.


Fraud Protection: Jumping Jack monitors buyers who file multiple disputes in order to protect you from buyers who may attempt to file false claims in order to receive refunds.


Some tips to ensure your selling experience is as good as possible:

  • Take clear and thorough photos of your items
  • Keep evidence of postage and item tracking
  • Don’t post your sold items until payment is received
  • Be responsive to any buyer concerns or questions
  • All sales are covered by Jumping Jack support
  • If you nominate ‘local pickup’ as an option, ensure to have somebody with you during the pickup, or agree to meet at a local public venue


Resolving Disputes +

Most transactions go smoothly on Jumping Jack. However, should an issue arise with one of your transactions, we have put together some guidance to help you resolve them easily.



  Item is not received

Sometimes things do not go to plan, and despite your best efforts, a buyer does not receive an item you have sent. If a buyer does not receive an item, they may be entitled to a refund unless you can provide tracking information showing that it has been delivered.


To let you know that there is an issue, the buyer may contact you through your Jumping Jack account and let you know the item has not arrived. When a buyer lets you know there’s a problem, you should work with them to come to a solution that works for both of you. It is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Jumping Jack support is available if you need further assistance. You will be required to provide further evidence supporting postage of the items, such as tracking evidence or a postage receipt. We’ll provide support and advice based on evidence provided.


Please be advised that Jumping Jack is unable to provide returns for items that are delivered through local pickup. For more information, please refer to our Return & Refund Policy.


Tip: Always keep your proof of tracked shipping, proof of conversation, and proof of the original listing. They might be required to help resolve any issues that may arise.



  Buyer unhappy with the item they have received:

If the buyer receives their item, and believes that it’s ‘significantly not as described,’ they may be in touch with you to resolve the issue.


Should a buyer get in touch with an issue, reply to them quickly and considerately. We find that many issues are resolved by the buyer and seller coming to a fair agreement.


If you are having trouble resolving the dispute, you can contact Jumping Jack to seek further assistance to help you mediate this dispute and get to a resolution. We recommend you keep relevant proof of all transactions with the buyer (including pictures of the item), as they might be required for the investigation. You will need to provide additional details for us to take into consideration, such as photographs or videos to show the condition of the item.


If we verify the item is significantly not as described, we will most likely ask the buyer to return it to you and we will arrange for the transfer of funds for the item and shipping from your account back to theirs. However, if we verify that the item is as advertised, we will most likely close the case in your favour.


Please be advised that Jumping Jack is unable to provide returns that are delivered through local pickup. For more information, please refer to our Return & Refund Policy.


Tip: Make sure you’re accurate with your listings and include lots of photos, particularly when describing any item defects. Also, be sure to list everything that you’re including.


Seller Ratings +

For every sale you make on Jumping Jack, you can be rated by the buyer on their overall experience with that sale. This rating is then added to your overall seller rating.


Your seller rating is visible on your listings, beneath your username.


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The seller rating score is displayed as a star rating, from 0 to 5 stars. If you have a score of 5 stars, it means that the buyers have provided very positive feedback about their experience of shopping with you.


The total number of reviews that the rating is based on will be displayed next to the aggregated star rating (e.g. 3 stars, 15 reviews).


Buyers are encouraged to provide a feedback rating after every purchase to ensure comprehensive feedback ratings for each seller.


To ensure your seller rating remains high, we encourage you ensure you post accurate listings, are responsive to any sales queries or concerns, post your items promptly, and ensure your items are packaged appropriately so that they arrive in excellent condition for the buyer.


PayPal +

All transactions on Jumping Jack go through PayPal.


As a seller you need to connect your PayPal account to Jumping Jack. You can do this through your preferences in your account settings on Jumping Jack. 


You must have a valid PayPal account to sell you items on Jumping Jack.


If you are new to selling, you will also need to make sure your PayPal account is fully verified. You can check this by logging on to your PayPal account.