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Shipping Options +

Jumping Jack offers three options for shipping: 

1) Free Shipping, 

2) $9.20 Flat Shipping via Australia Post and 

3) Local Pickup.


  Option 1 – Local Pickup

Once your item has sold, arrange for a pickup time and location with your buyer.  Don’t forget to mark your item as ‘shipped’ in your Jumping Jack account. It is then up to the buyer to mark the item as received to complete the sales transaction.


Jumping Jack recommends that you have somebody with you during the pickup, or agree to meet at a local public venue.


  Option 2 – Australia Post

You can select from two Australia Post shipping options:


1) Free shipping (you’ll cover the cost of shipping)

2) A flat $9.20 rate (payable by the buyer at checkout)


  • Free Shipping:

If you select ‘Free Shipping’ you will cover the costs of shipping the items to the buyer. 

Don’t forget to consider the cost of shipping your items and include this in your final listing price of your products.


  • Flat Rate Shipping:

If you select flat $9.20 shipping, this is payable by the buyer upon checkout. 

If you have multiple items or larger items for sale, don’t forget to consider the additional shipping fees that may occur above this rate and include this in the final listing price of your products.

Items are to be shipped via Australia Post. 

Make sure that you obtain a tracking receipt upon shipping your items in the event that something does go wrong. You can document your shipping tracking ID in the ‘Orders’ section of your account to notify the buyer once you have shipped your items.

Make sure you plan ahead when determining the listing price of your items and consider the cost of shipping your items to the buyer.

We recommend that you consider the cost of shipping your items when determining your final sales price. 

Once the item has sold, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of the sale including where to ship your item/s to. You will need to prepare and post the item to the buyer. Don’t forget to mark your item as ‘shipped’ so that the buyer knows that it’s is on its way! Once your item/s are received by the buyer, they will then mark it as ‘received’ to confirm the sales process is complete.


It is your responsibility to package the item/s appropriately to prevent damage and ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.  Jumping Jack recommends that you take photos of the packaging and the item/s before they are shipped in the event that these items are lost or damaged during the shipping process.



Australia Post Rates and Options +

Please use this information as a guide only when determining the shipping costs associated with your items.

Most items will fit comfortably in a small Australia Post sized satchel, including multiple baby and kids items. 

Here is some information on packaging options available with Australia Post. Please remember these dimensions are for the items packaged for shipping and should therefore be based on the folded dimensions of your items.


Packaging guide:

1) Small: 

Dimensions 355 x 225mm 

Weight 5kg

Fee $9.20


2) Medium:

Dimensions390 x 270mm

Weight 5kg

Fee $12.45


3) Large:

Dimensions415 x 315mm

Weight 5kg

Fee $15.70