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How it Works

How it Works +

It’s easy to sell on Jumping Jack! Here’s a brief outline of how it all works:


1.Create your Account. Don’t forget to provide your PayPal details and shipping preferences.


2.Complete the ‘Sell Product’ form with the product information and upload your pics. Set your price. You can save your listing as a draft to come back to later or publish your listing straight away!


3.The item will be shipped based onthe flat rate shipping fee, payable by the buyer at checkout.


4.Once your item sells you will be notified via email of your sale!


5.You will receive payment for your item in your PayPal account on the Sunday following your sale. Payments are made from the buyers PayPal account to your PayPal account via Jumping Jack for the full amount of the item (minus our 20% fee to cover the cost of selling your items) plus postage payments if you are shipping via Australia Post.


6.You need to arrange to deliver the item as soon as possible after the sale (ideally, within 48 hours). If you are doing local pickup you will need to contact the buyer to arrange a convenient time and place for the pickup. If you are shipping via Australia Post, you will need to package the item and arrange postage via Australia Post.


7. You are responsible for packaging and labeling your items safely for postage. If you cannot ship the item within 7 days of the sale, you will need to contact the buyer to let them know when to expect the item.


8.Listings are active for a period of 4 weeks. If they do not sell within this period, the listing will be placed into draft format. You can easily update & relist your items via the ‘My Account – Products’ section, and there is no limit on the number of times you can list an item.


9.You can also easily communicate with the buyer, edit and keep track of your items in the ‘My Account’ section.


10.Jumping Jack will communicate with you via email to keep you in the loop with the sale and payments. You can also contact us at any time if you have any questions!


Don’t have time to sell your own clothes? Send us a Clean Out Bag filled with your items and we will do it ALL for you!!