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Getting Started on Jumping Jack

Create an Account +

Click here to create your Jumping Jack account.  Once you have created a Jumping Jack account you will have access to the My Account Menu.  From here you can update your profile, view your purchases and orders. You can also manage your listed products and respond to any enquiries from customers.


Once you have created a Jumping Jack Account you are ready to sell your first item!


You will receive an email from Jumping Jack confirming your account registration. If you don’t see an email within 30 minutes of setting up your account, please check your email junk/ spam folder as sometimes they can sneak in there! 


Don’t forget to add Jumping Jack to your contact list so that you don’t miss any important emails from us (like when you make a sale)!


Tips on Making Your First Sale +


Sell Maternity Clothes

Ensure that you take beautiful photos of your items! Take clear, good quality photos to ensure that your items stand out.




Give your items simple, accurate names and list them in the appropriate category. Be sure to include the brand, description, condition, and features of your items. This will ensure that buyers can find your items easily when using the search function.



sell baby clothes for cash

Set realistic pricing.  It is worthwhile to do a quick search of similar items listed to get an idea of what price you should set.




second hand baby goods online

Share your listing with friends and family! Share your listing on Facebook and Twitter to reach a larger audience.