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A Guide to Listing an Item

Listing an Item +

  • The easiest way to list your items for sale is to use your phone or tablet.
  • Simply click Sell Now read more and list your first product! 
  • Take a photo of your item/s, and upload instantly onto Jumping Jack.
  • List the product details, including name, description, condition and brand.
  • Set the price.
  • Select category for your product and list attributes such as size and colour.
  • Listings are active for a period of 4 weeks. If your item has not sold during this time it will be placed into draft. You can update and relist your items through the ‘My Profile – Products’ section of your account.
  • Keep track of your items with alerts to your inbox, or through your account on Jumping Jack.

Now you are ready to go!


Tips to Taking a Great Photo +

  Take great quality photos

  • Include large and accurate photos of your listing.
  • Show pictures of your item from different angles.
  • Center the product in the photo.
  • Take your image with a plain background, or even displayed on a clothes hanger. If you can set up a white background, this will look even better!


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  Ensure the item is in focus

  • Focus the photo so that the product details are clear.
  • If you are taking the photo on your phone, simply tap and hold your finger where the item is to hold the focus, then take the picture.


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  Use good lighting

  • Lighting is one of the most important elements when taking good quality photos.
  • Try using the natural light from your window.  The closer you are to a window (and the larger the window) the softer the light will be. Don’t forget to turn off other lights inside the room.
  • Don’t take your photo in bright or harsh sunlight or directly in front of your window, particularly in the middle of the day as it will impact on your photo quality.


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  Photo requirements

  • Your photos must accurately represent your item/s.
  • Each listing must include at least two photo’s of your item/s.
  • Do not use stock photos. Buyers like to see the actual condition of the item you are selling to ensure they know what they are buying.

What Items We Accept  +

All items labeled for babies and kids can be listed as long as it isn’t a licensed item (Disney etc.), replica, health hazard or an illegal item. For details on what we accept for our Clean Out Bag service, see here.


On average, resale extends the life of a garment by 2.2 years (which can reduce its carbon footprint by up to 73%). Whilst we are great supporters of sustainable, ethically-made clothing, if we can extend the life of any garment then that is a win for us and for the environment!


We do however, encourage you to consider purchasing better quality items that follow sustainable and ethically made practices. These items are not only made with care and consideration for the environment and the people making the clothing, but will also have a longer lifespan than fast fashion items (and therefore also offer you greater returns in sales profits).


Clothing with stains, tears, pilling, rips, missing or broken zips or buttons, or with the child’s name attached is not accepted. We do not accept underwear or bras.


We accept sizes from newborn/premature to 12 years for baby and children’s items, and all sizes for maternity clothing.


All items must be freshly washed and ironed prior to sale.

Product Attributes and Categories Explained +

There are a number of product categories and sub-categories that you can select when listing an item. In addition to the product category, there are a number of attributes available for you to describe your item/s more accurately.


The more detail you put into your product listing the easier it will be for your customers to find.

Bundles Explained +

Bundles enable you to put together similar items for sale as a package. For example, a listing of multiple baby singlets of the same size.


To sell your items as a bundle, simply select from one of the bundle options available under the ‘sale type’ section when entering your listing. Bundles can be sold for baby, kids, and maternity products.


It is important that you include photo’s and descriptions of all the items included in the bundle.


Quality Condition +

New with Tags - New with tags still attached of the same size or brand.


Like New - Like new conditions with no obvious signs of wash or wear.


Very Good - May have been washed or worn but has minimal signs of wear.


Good (slightly worn) - Has obviously been worn and may show some minor signs of being washed, minor marks, stains, fading, piling, fabric stretching or wear.


Well Loved - Has obviously been worn and has signs of being washed, has signs of minor marks, stains, fading, pilling, fabric stretching or wear.

Promote your Products +

Promoting your products is as easy as clicking the links provided on your new product page.  Simply select the social media icon displayed on your listing and share the item/s for sale.


The more you share, the quicker it will sell!


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