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At Jumping Jack, we are committed to connecting parents and families across Australia through the establishment of a community built on trust and respect. We think that this is pretty special, and we want to keep it that way.  Please take the time to read the guidelines below on how we expect interactions on Jumping Jack to take place. If you’re using Jumping Jack, we’ll assume that you’re OK with these Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.


Be Friendly and Kind

Jumping Jack is a friendly community, where everyone should feel safe to interact, shop and sell. We ask that you please maintain a kind and friendly manner in all of your interactions to ensure that we preserve a happy and much-loved shopping environment for all.


Be Respectful

Jumping Jack recognises that as a community, we are made up of many individuals. As such, we all have different opinions and thoughts. We expect everyone within the Jumping Jack community to appreciate this, and thus be respectful of others at all times.  Don’t make inappropriate comments, requests or remarks at any time.



Be Yourself

What makes this community unique is each and every individual member. Therefore, we ask that you please be yourself when engaging with other members of the Jumping Jack community.



Make an Effort

Think about how you want your items to appear online and how they can catch a buyers attention when they are shopping. Putting in some information about the item in addition to the attributes can also help to sell the item. You could always include why you want to sell it, or who wore it to help engage with others in the community.



Build Trust

On Jumping Jack, we have a system in place to enable community members to provide reviews on their shopping experience. Leaving reviews is a great way to help each other in the community. Praise those who you have had a great experience with, or outline how you think things could improve.  Don’t use this system to name and shame other users and remember to be respectful and kind at all times.



Be Smart

Be familiar with how to shop safely online. If you arrange for a pickup of items, we recommend that you do so in a public place that is convenient for both parties and ensure that you are never alone. When mailing, opt for traceable mail.  Keep all deals within Jumping Jack.  Refrain from diverting buyers to complete your sales transactions or other platforms. Keep things safe and simple!