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5 ‘Egg-cellent’ Easter holiday activities!

Eco friendly easy ideas that your kids will be ‘egg-cited’ about!


Easter has snuck up on me quickly this year, and I feel a little unprepared for dealing with the chaos of the school holidays!

So with that in mind, I thought I’d come up with some easy (and eco friendly) Easter activities to try with the kids at home for some holiday fun!


Here’s some of my favourites:


1. Plant seeds & sprouts:

This is the ultimate activity to reduce, reuse and recycle! Simply wash your egg shells with warm soapy water, sit in an old egg carton (or egg cup). Fill with potting mix and add your favourite seeds then watch them grow!

Egg shell seed cups

Image: Pinterest.


2. Egg dying: 

This is a favourite activity that is always a winner at Easter time! You can use traditional food colouring, or try making your own using kitchen staples like red cabbage, blueberries, turmeric, onion skins, tea or coffee to name a few. 

You’ll need some hard boiled eggs, vinegar, food colouring and water.  Mix 1/2 cup boiling water, vinegar, and food colouring in a small bowl and immerse the eggs for at least 5 minutes (overnight if using natural dyes). Easy!

There are plenty of patterns to try, including using elastic bands, stickers or crayons for effects. 

My favourite is using leaves and flowers from the garden! Just place the leaf onto the egg and cover with an old pantyhose to secure. Then dye as above. 

Easter egg dying

Image: Pinterest.


3. Egg or rock painting:

Another fun decorating option is to try egg (or rock) painting! Hollow out the egg, and paint on your favourite designs and patterns!

Easter egg painting

Image: Pinterest.


4. Egg & spoon race!

This is a fun idea if you are catching up with friends and family over the Easter period and the kids need to use up some chocolate fuelled energy! All you need is an egg and a spoon and you are ready to go! My tip is to use a hard boiled egg if you have little ones involved!


5. Easter egg potato stamps:

My kids LOVE painting, and this is a fun way to bring some Easter fun to the activity.

Simply cut a potato in half and pat dry. Then cut patterns into the potato using a shape cutter or a knife. Then it’s ready to dip into the paint and make a masterpiece! You can also rinse between colours.

Easter egg printingImage: Pinterest.


If you are looking for some extra inspiration (or perhaps you’ve eggs-hausted all egg related activities), there’s plenty of simple things you can do without any fuss or mess!

Keep it simple by going for a walk to explore somewhere new and mix it up for the kids by doing a nature treasure hunt. This is always a hit for my kids and they find all sorts of ‘treasures’ that they are fascinated by. 

If you want to stay close to home, you could try pressing some flowers from the garden or even planting some winter veggies and get the kids involved in the process. My little ones love doing this, especially when they can enjoy them once they grow! 

There’s always plenty of fun Easter baking ideas that you can also try, including hot cross buns, chocolate treats, easter biscuits and more.

AND of course, don’t forget that the holidays are also the perfect time for a declutter of all those outgrown baby, kids & maternity clothes taking up space in your home! You could even get the kids involved too!!

We can help you give your outgrown kids clothes a new life by selling them on Jumping Jack. You can sell your own, or send us a Clean Out Bag and we’ll do it all for you!

There you have it, some super simple but fun Easter holiday activities fun for the kiddies. Please share what fun activities you try!


Sarah x